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The Lincoln Project BLISTERED for TOTALLY conserving conservatism by pushing to re-elect Biden

Nothing conserves conservatism like supporting Joe Biden. FFS.

We get it, The Lincoln Project is really just a bunch of Democrats at this point pretending they’re ‘principled conservatives’ who hate what their party has become so they’re joining forces with dipstick Democrats to save our democracy or some other happy horse crap. Ultimately, what they’re really doing is trying to cash in any way they can, and nothing makes Lefties more likely to donate to a cause than a bunch of turncoat Republicans who have SEEN THE LIGHT.


Hey, if it works for them … we’re capitalists. And if Democrats are dumb enough to fall for it, that’s on them.

That being said, people on the Right aren’t falling for it, like, at all.

Holy cow.

Whoever is willing to pay more.


We didn’t say it.

We laughed at it.

We included it in this article.


But WE didn’t say it.

That reads.

*cough cough*

And fin.



And now for something completely different, a hilarious video of ‘every white liberal woman ever’ (watch)


EPIC thread goes down the ‘gay rabbit hole’ explaining why Target and others are going WOKE (and broke)

AOC tries pretending her town hall was NOT a complete disaster of constituents attacking her and LOL (watch)


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