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Can't. Even. Make. This. UP! Dylan Mulvaney wants to date women ... and have babies? (watch)

We’re going to go out on a limb and just say Dylan Mulvaney is really really really confused. Sounds like he … she … whatever is romantically attracted to women, and when she told her dad this he said he’d love to see her be a dad.


And then she said she’d be the mom?

Don’t make that face, we’re as confused as you are about this. Watch:

If we were confused before we’re even more confused now.

Yeah, we got nothin’.

We noticed the five o’clock shadow as well.

There’s that too. Sounds like Dylan has been changing into whatever he thinks will get him attention. And sorry, we can only do the ‘she’ thing when we write about him for so long. Our hypocrisy only goes so far.


Also true.

This is not happy.

This is sad, very sad.

Maybe even a little broken.

Yes, he is.



EPIC thread goes down the ‘gay rabbit hole’ explaining why Target and others are going WOKE (and broke)

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