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And now for something completely different, a hilarious video of 'every white liberal woman ever' (watch)

Thinking we should consider shutting down every white liberal woman until we know what’s going on. That’s how this works, right? When something is dangerous we shut it down for a couple of weeks or so to ‘flatten the curve’ or whatnot.



Ok, full transparency, covering angry Twitter has been exhausting and fairly disheartening SO we thought we’d take a moment for ‘something completely different’ we can all point and laugh at because WE ALL need it.

Watch this:

If we’re being honest, we don’t even know what the Hell she’s yelling about. Something about a family? Contracts? Banging on the counter? But she is absolutely every white liberal woman maybe EVER … you guys know you’ve argued with this broad on Twitter.

We see what he did there.

Just nuts. Sane people do not behave this way, they just don’t.

There ya’ go – that could work.

Maybe a penlight?


We’re honestly just shocked he could understand anything she said.

Excuse us, but have you ever had your coffee order completely BUTCHERED?! IT’S WORTH GETTING UPSET OVER, OPPRESSOR!

Just kidding.

We see that face more and more as 2023 trudges along.



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