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Biden's DHS BUSTED weaponizing anti-terrorism program against conservatives (damning thread)

Nothing to see here, just the DHS targeting conservatives as terrorists. Ok, so none of us is surprised to see this happening under Biden (heck, his boss was the first to master the weaponization of agencies against those he disagreed with), but when you see it in a thread like this in black and white?


They never thought they’d get caught.

That, or they didn’t care if they got caught.

Either way, this is a huge red flag (yay, another one!)

$39.6 million tax dollars to target people politically.

Good times.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars to go after Republicans.

We paid for this, you guys.


Hey, they keep saying the biggest threat to the country is domestic terrorism and parents, right?



And getting paid by the government to do it.

Gross, right?

Keep going.

Celebrated silencing people they disagree with.

THAT is who and what our current federal government is.



Again, using our tax dollars to say these things.

Trump tried to kill millions, DeSantis wants another Holocaust …

Are you kidding us with this crap?

Of course not.

That violence was done in the name of love or something. Those buildings they burned down were totally racist!


The only actual authoritarian, Joe Biden.


We’d say this is unbelievable but sadly under this disaster of a president, it’s all too believable.



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