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Jonathan Turley NAILS 'de facto state media' with brutal thread on them IGNORING Biden family corruption

You guys know that recently Republicans laid out evidence showing how the Biden family received millions of dollars from China and other countries, right? Not that our mainstream media has done much to cover the story … Imagine if they’d discovered the Trump family had done something even somewhat similar? It would be the headline for every single mainstream media outlet in print, on the web, and on TV.


But since it’s Biden? *crickets*

Jonathan Turley put together a fairly damning thread on this very topic asking if our mainstream media are really de facto state media:

Propaganda? State media? Yikes, mainstream media.


This is even worse than, ‘Republicans POUNCE!’ We don’t have journalists these days, we have activists and water carriers who care more about protecting Democrats than they do the truth.


Heck, the New York Post was locked down for sharing their story on Hunter.

It’s all pretty blatant.

What was it like living without electricity?


And yet it is absolutely the state of the mainstream media in 2023.




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CNN circling the wagons around Biden and the southern border easily DEBUNKED by actual footage (watch)

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