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Andy Ngô sheds light on BIZARRE reporting about #Allen, TX mass shooter Garcia in thread (receipts)

Full transparency, this has been the craziest media push after a mass shooting in a long while, and at this time this editor can honestly not say what is and isn’t the truth which is a sad reflection of what our mainstream media have become. As Twitchy readers know, within maybe two hours of the horrific shooting in Allen, Texas, major outlets were running with the story that Garcia ‘may have had white supremacist beliefs’ based on a patch someone ‘close to the story’ said they saw on his vest.


Then came the claims about Garcia’s social media and tattoos … which are all over the place. Not to mention we’re not even sure at this point what Garcia actually looked like because there are multiple pictures of different Hispanic men floating around social media. So all of that is by itself, insane. Yes?

But then add in the bizarre claims about Garcia having a white supremacist account created on some Russian social media site?

Don’t make that face, we’re as confused as you are.

Andy Ngô was good enough to put together a short thread on this latest crazy:

Oh, yeah, and there’s that too. They’re trying to find a way to link the shooter to Tim Pool and Libs of TikTok.

Based on this obscure Russian site.

Told you, this is nuts.

Huh, that’s odd. Why would he do that?


So as usual with these crazy conspiracy theories and reality, the truth lies somewhere in between. But the truth doesn’t allow the media to blame the RIGHT WING so they prefer the far crazier narrative that hasn’t actually been proven and likely will not be.

Maybe everyone should just admit they don’t really know what happened here and let the cops do their job.

Just a thought.

Another popular theory.


It’s all strange.


Not a great look when you’re trying to break a big story, Aric.

*adjusts tinfoil*


None of it is adding up.

Yeah, this all sounds insane … all of it. Is it because our pals in the media are determined to make Garcia a white supremacist no matter what? Or was this monster actually a white supremacist? Was it a Cartel hit? Just some crazy, lonely, insane guy desperate to be known?

The bigger issue is we just don’t know and honestly, until the authorities can verify anything the media should really stick to reporting what they know.

But it stopped being about ‘reporting’ a long long time ago.

And this insanity in reporting/narrative only proves that even more.



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