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Twitter sleuths find MSNBC gun-grabbing Allen shooting eye witness and well well well, whad'ya know

As Twitchy readers know, we reported earlier on MSNBC’s big GOTCHA eye witness who claimed it was not mental illness that caused Garcia to murder people in cold blood, no no, it was the ‘automatic rifle.’ His name is Steven Spainhouer and while he could absolutely be a legit witness, his telling of what happened seemed more about pushing for gun control than it was about retelling what he saw. Sure, that’s just a guess on our part but seeing what Twitter sleuths have come up with (Elon Musk himself has said he wants Twitter to become the new media), we have to wonder if MSNBC deliberately chose an ‘elected’ official.


A Democrat at that.

Take a look at what they found:

There’s this too:

No agenda there, right?


Again, he was clearly a witness but we can’t help but wonder … what his motivation really was.


Democrat politician.


We’re shocked.

Just really ‘interesting’ stuff …

Some have said he’s a hero.


But sure, he was just an innocent bystander, an eye-witness who thinks an AR-15 is an automatic rifle.

Some are saying he wasn’t even there when the shooting started:

From the Texas Democrat Veterans Caucus site:

Texas Democratic Veterans (TDV) Purpose

  • The purpose of the TDV is to strengthen bonds among Democratic Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States (“Veterans”)
  • Promote democratic principles and ideals
  • Actively promote participation by Veterans in the electoral process
  • Enhance Veterans’ participation in the Democratic Party throughout Texas and local communities

But you know, he was totally just sharing what he saw and wasn’t trying to use and exploit this horrific shooting to push for gun control.


Not at all.



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