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MSNBC's big GOTCHA former police officer/anti-gun Allen shooting witness BACKFIRES (pun intended)

A gun-grabbing cop as an eye witness. RIGHT.

Far be it for us to pretend in any way, shape, or form to be an expert HOWEVER, you would think a former police officer and former Army officer would know an AR-15 is not an automatic rifle. Oh, we get it, MSNBC got a little anti-gun chubby when they found came across a former COP and vet who thinks guns and not mental illness/people are the problem but c’mon man.


This is weak, even for them.


A gun lover should probably know the difference between an automatic and a semi-automatic rifle, don’cha think?


Slim pickings these days?

Without false narratives, MSNBC would have no narratives at all.


Yeah, it all feels sort of weird and almost staged but hey, what do we know?



Dean Cain OWNS a very melodramatic Gavin Newsom babbling about ‘the right to kill’ and Lefties can’t DEAL

James Woods DROPS KJP for blatantly lying about illegal immigration as only HE can

NAILED IT: Elon Musk just needs one tweet to make NYC/Lefty protesters look MONUMENTALLY dumb


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