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Doc behind study teacher's unions used to keep schools closed TORCHES Randi Weingarten in brutal thread

It certainly does seem to be raining crap all over Randi Weingarten and you guys, we’re not sure there’s anyone more deserving of a crap shower than Randi. Sorry for that visual but this editor is a parent and watched what Randi, her grotesque union, and the CDC did to millions of children in this country in a ploy for more power and money. And now she wants to pretend they fought to get the schools open – like other evil villains, she’s looking to rewrite history.


And we sure as Hell aren’t going to let that happen. Not on our watch.

Luckily, there are other people out there who are more than happy to call her out as well. For example, the doctor behind the Wisconsin study that Randi liked to use when pushing to only open the schools with ‘layered mitigation’ … Dr. Tracy Høeg.

She ain’t too happy with Randi.

Take a gander:

Randi misused and misquoted the study? Gosh, we’re shocked.

Seems Randi left that part out.

Keep going.


Who knows.

But Randi really fought to keep our kids’ faces covered.

As did the CDC.

Why oh why would they have done that?


They never asked.

Nah, they were just taking pleasure in the power and authority the virus seemingly granted them.

If you weren’t pissed before, you should be now.


Politics over science.

That’s all it was, no matter how much or how hard Randi tries to spin it.

Read that again … voiced my disagreement about masking children in school.



Our kids paid an unnecessary price.

And Randi made them pay it.



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