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Ben Shapiro takes Biden's vile, BLATANT lie about white-on-black crime APART in receipt-filled thread

Ben Shapiro put together this pretty kick-butt thread in response to the media pushing rare white-on-black racial crime as the norm in America to support the Biden admin’s blatant lie of a narrative. Has Biden reached out to that poor white woman who was assaulted Saturday night in Chicago by a rather large group of young black men?


Gonna guess he has not.

And will not.

Ben put it far better than we can, and he even brought receipts.

As with all Biden narratives, this one is also a complete lie.

In other words, Biden wouldn’t know the truth if it fell out of the sky, landed on his face, and started to wiggle.

Ben continued:

Get outta town.

Gosh, that’s shocking.

Oh, wait, no, because you know, we aren’t beholden to Lefty narratives and lies.

Keep going.

Good ol’ media, doing its part to keep the lies, narratives, and agendas alive for the Left.


84% were black on white.

But you know, white people are the real problem. Or something.

Look at all that white-on-black crime.

Oh, wait.




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