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'S**thole' and home to next DNC Convention Chicago ironically shows what Dem leadership looks like (watch)

It’s been 80 years since Chicago had a Republican mayor. Just sayin’.

So full transparency, we have looked and looked for whatever may have caused these young people to start rioting in Chicago last night but we can’t seem to find anything. Suppose when you live in a Democrat-controlled city like Chicago in a Democrat-controlled state like Illinois you’re in a constant state of rage created by years of being told you’re a victim and not at all responsible for your own actions.


Or something.

This is ridiculous:


Does anyone else see the irony of this happening just a few days after the DNC announced they’d be having their convention in Chicago? Way to show us all those Democratic policies, ideas, and leadership at work.

Hilarious and sad all in one.


Gotta love that Democrat leadership.


Note, Chicago has some of the most strict gun control laws on the books.


What did they call it in Washington … a fellow s**thole?

Oh, that’s right, SUMMER OF LOVE.

Stay frosty.



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