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Joe Rogan tells the brutal truth about how dangerous gender/trans activists really ARE (watch)

Joe Rogan really (sadly) hit the nail on the head when he talked about how many media outlets tried to make the story about how trans shooter and murderer Audrey Hale was being misgendered … you know, after she murdered three children and three adults in cold blood. That became the story, not the fact that a trans activist gunned down six Christians.


Notice how we still haven’t seen the Manifesto.

Gosh, wonder why that is?

Watch this from Rogan:

Joe has a point. *shrug*

And a terrifying point at that.

Think about all of the violence we’ve seen from this movement in just the last few weeks. Of course, the horrific murders of six innocent people including three small children, Riley Gaines being assaulted by a guy in a dress at SFSU for speaking up for women’s rights, and some nutjob at VCU going after another group defending women’s rights.

When Joe talks about a society on the edge of collapse … yikes. It sadly lines up with this movement.


Good times.



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