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AOC getting all big and bad claiming Gen Z DON'T PLAY does NOT 'play' well for her, like at all

Nothing like a bunch of uneducated young people throwing a tantrum at the Tennessee Capitol. Oh, we get it, this is supposed to be some gun control ‘protest’ but in reality it’s just a bunch of unemployed young people who probably saw a video on TikTok that told them they should protest and stuff. And truth be told, these dolts would probably defend trans-shooter Audrey Hale.


But hey, AOC wants us all to be afraid of these people.

Sure, we should probably keep our hands away from their mouths and stuff but in real life? Meh.

Sorry, AOC, but we’re just not scared of Gen Z.

And fascism? WHAT?! HA HA HA HA HA

Y’all, fascism is officially the new racism. Or is it the new white supremacist? We can’t keep all of this nonsense straight.


Ya’ know, it could be seen like that.


Tough crowd, Sandy.



J6 Committee D-BAG calls TN Republicans ‘fascist’ for expelling insurrectionists and HELLO backfire

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