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State Farm employee ANGRY over internal 'Transgender Day of Visibility' screen after school shooting

You’d think someone at State Farm would have bothered to read the room when they were getting ready to push out a ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ login screen for their employees just a few days after a trans shooter killed six innocent Christians, including three small children, buuuuuut NOPE.


This is tacky.

We get they thought nobody outside of their company would see this since it was an internal login screen but they really should have thought a bit more about their employees’ feelings.

Guess virtue-signaling means more than taking care of your team, eh State Farm?

Really State Farm?

Maybe they just feel really bad because their, ‘Jake sounds hideous’ commercial was actually really funny and did a lot for their company? Or MAYBE they hired some Equity/Diversity officer who thought this was a good idea.

They were WRONG.

We’re seeing a lot of that.



We see what he did there.

State Farm has some ‘splainin’ to do.

At this point, we’re not seeing anything from them but we’ll keep an eye on their timeline.


Editor’s note: We did hear from one other State Farm employee who says they did not see a screen like this today but it could still be a local office piece. Will keep you all posted if we learn more. Thanks! – sj



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