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Ted Lieu fact-DROPPED for spewing ridiculous, fear-mongering LIES about Parents Bill of Rights

The only thing Democrats seem to hate more than lowering taxes is parents being involved in their kid’s education. All we can assume is so many of them are owned by the teacher’s unions and the last thing these unions want is for parents to have a say in anything. We learned that the hard way in 2020 and 2021. What they don’t realize is they completely overplayed their hand and underestimated how hard parents would work to make sure none of what they pulled with lockdowns, masks, and indoctrinating kids will ever be pulled again.


Oh, and it’s adorable how they use MAGA REPUBLICANS to make people who support parents sound extreme.

This used to be the norm, what was expected … now it’s DESTROYING PRIVACY for parents to have rights.

Ted Lieu is such a choad:

Actually, no, as we saw in Virginia. Remember when Terry McAuliffe claimed parents shouldn’t have a say in what their kids are learning? How he claimed CRT was a ‘dog whistle’? Yeah, that cost him the election SO we’re pretty sure this will not backfire on the GOP.

Poor Ted.

It must be hard to be on the wrong side of so many issues … always.


It’s also a way to dehumanize, objectify, and vilify people they disagree with. Far easier to hate some evil MAGA REPUBLICAN than a mom who just wants to make sure her kids aren’t reading adult books at school.


How ever, will they survive?!

Democrats hate parents. They just do.



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