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Adam Schiff-For-Brains RANTING at Trump about 'attacking the rule of law' goes SO very wrong

Once a Dip-Schiff, always a Dip-Schiff.

Seriously, Adam Schiff is the last person who should be lecturing anyone else about ‘the rule of law’, especially after everything he put this country through for years and years. If there was ever an epitome of a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebi, it’s Adam.


Seems it’s only ok with our favorite pencil neck for Democrats to ‘interfere’ …

Why shouldn’t they ask for discovery? C’mon, Adam. Are you trying to make Bragg look even worse?

The Schiff jokes never get old.

That works.

He also likes to silence journalists who report things about him and his office that he doesn’t like, but that’s another story.


And considering the number of impressive liars we have in Congress?

That’s really sayin’ something.



Rand Paul pulls ZERO punches calling Bragg out for disgusting abuse of power and Lefties can’t DEEEAL

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