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Matt Taibbi calls down the THUNDER on Aaron Rupar for deliberately misquoting him and DAAAMN son

This is not the first time Aaron Rupar has passive-aggressively reported on Matt Taibbi and the Twitter Files in an attempt to make them look bad. You’d think when people can actually watch and listen to the video themselves Rupar would at least try to report what was being said accurately.



If he was all that concerned about being accurate, his last name wouldn’t be a verb on Urban Dictionary.

Here he is trying to ‘rupar’ Matt Taibbi.

Aaron … dude. C’mon.

Did he really think Taibbi wouldn’t catch him doing this?

And then the final blow:

No, no he couldn’t.

This is Aaron Rupar we’re talking about, bro.



What a joke.

Awww yes, Twitter actually even corrected Rupar.

Gotta love those ‘Community Notes’.

Unless, of course, you’re Aaron Rupar.



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