No big deal … just the FBI deleting emails related to the Proud Boys case that should have been given to the defense. Nope, nothing to see here.

It feels like we say this more and more, but it’s shocking that these sorts of things are happening in America. Maybe with the current administration, it shouldn’t be all that shocking. Julie Kelly continues to keep track of what is happening with J6 prisoners, and today she shared a breaking thread about the Proud Boys case that is pretty damn damning.

Take a gander:

Keep going.

Gosh, that’s not a good thing. Hey, we’re clearly not experts here on this subject matter but it doesn’t take a great legal mind to know they shouldn’t be deleting evidence.


Just. Wow.

This judge …

So, the FBI agent lied.


FBI just looks worse and worse and worse.

Apparently when it’s the DOJ destroying said evidence?

Just spitballin’.



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