Welp, it’s clear the memo went out. This morning, Biden waddled his decrepit old arse out in front of the press to blame Trump for the Silicon Valley Bank collapse and then waddled off before they could ask him any questions. To be fair though, we’re thinking Adam Full-of-Schiff was ahead of the crowd this time around because he was blaming Trump nearly two days ago.


We know, Schiff has an unhealthy obsession with the former president (he spent four years lying, manipulating our systems, and wasting time and lots of money to destroy him) but this is pretty pathetic even for Democrats. Even for HIM.

Trump has been out of office for two years, not to mention Democrats had control of the White House, the House, and the Senate for those two years.

C’mon, man.

Oversight failure.

That his party failed to fix …

Oh, and the big rich people in charge of the bank are bad too.


Seems like a consistent theme.

So not Trump.

Whaddya’ know?

Democrats have become the party of the very RICH.

Truth hurts.



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