Nikki Fried has turned her attention from self-owns about buttplugs (don’t even get us started) to pretending Biden’s ‘American Rescue Plan’ is a good thing for Florida in what we can only say is a straight-up STUPID thread.

None of these things matter when everything Biden and the Democrats have done is destroying the dollar and our economy as a whole.

Take a gander at this hot mess:

Fought ‘tooth and nail’ because it will only result in more inflation, higher taxes, and more government dependency.

We suppose these things are ‘wins’ to Democrats like Nikki.

DeSantis did that.

DeSantis again.

She does realize there are actually levels of government, yes?

Ask Nikki how much of this money actually went to students versus administrative and ‘association’ costs.

There are nearly 22 million Floridians.

Thanking BIDEN for saving Florida.

Thanking Democrats.


It ain’t gonna be pretty.

What he said.



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