Now, we know we’re not supposed to talk about Antifa being at the Capitol on January 6th because that’s somehow A CONSPIRACY THEORY and if we even talk about it we’re evil, white-nationalist, insurrectionists who want to kill grandma by not wearing a mask in public or something BUT …

This sure as heck looks really suspicious.

And the fact the cop talks so calmly to them through the window? What the Heck?

Just watch, maybe you guys can figure it out.


Yeah, this just does not read as MAGA.

Something seems really off.

Pardon us while we adjust our tinfoil but yeah … these people look like Antifa.

And what the heck were they doing in the Senate hideaway offices? Aren’t they ‘hidden’ for a reason?

Ok, so we just noticed when we put this tweet into our article it was marked as ‘potentially sensitive content’.


Fair question.

Maybe now that more people have access to ALL of the footage we’ll get some answers.



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