Whoa, someone in Hollywood is being honest about Hollywood. GTFO.

Full transparency, when we see Rainn Wilson we think of the strange and even creepy character he played on ‘The Office,’ although truth be told he’s far better in the movie ‘The Rocker’ but we digress. So you can imagine how surprised we were to see a tweet like this from Wilson about the anti-Christian bias in Hollywood.

Sadly, we fully expect the moron mob to come after him for daring to be HONEST about his own industry:

Whoa, right?

Guys, we double, triple and even quadruple-checked to make sure this wasn’t some sort of cruel parody but … nope.

It’s him.

Pretty cool. Not to mention pretty spot-on.

Whoa … this is getting interesting.


They can’t even let someone tweet about it.


Nah, it’s called reality.

And we all know much our pals on the Left love reality. *cough cough*



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