Man oh man, the Silicon Valley Bank situation is NOT good you guys. Now, if we’re being fair we have to admit we can’t even begin to explain the financial implications of all of this BUT we know it’s not good. Especially when Eric ‘True-Love-Always-Fang-Fang’ Swalwell is freaking out about making sure taxpayers get stuck bailing them out.

Yay, Democrats.

What could have gone so wrong?


Seems Comfortably Smug may have figured it out:

Smug is definitely onto something here.

When the head of risk management is more focused on woke nonsense than you know, managing risk? Yeah, not good.

But hey, good for them checking all of those identity boxes and stuff!

Crazy, right?

Imagine if a president picked his vice president in a similar manner.

Oh, wait.

And is literally destroying companies.

Forget being woke, they’ve got to WAKE UP.



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