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WaPo LAHOO-ZAHER Philip Bump brings knife to a gunfight STILL pushing Russia collusion and HOO boy

Philip, dude, didn’t they tell you? Russia collusion is like SOOOO 2018.

Sure, the Washington Post has to find a way to try and spin the conversation now that we know Democrats and the government worked with Twitter to control the narrative (going so far as to take a journalist’s rights from him, thanks Adam Schiff) but they’re going to have to come up with something better than MUH RUSSIA.


Because the only ones buying into this crap are the same people who don’t care that Twitter worked with Democrats to shut down any and all dissent.

Guess when 2020 is all ya’ got, even though it’s 2023 … yikes.


Journalists, especially from WaPo, stopped caring about their credibility years ago.


Even the House Judiciary GOP jumped into the fray:

And this made poor Bump fussy.

A gift link.


Oh, that’s right, his article is behind a paywall.

Very nice, indeed.


We giggled.

So sad and lonely.



Just when you think Biden can’t say ANYTHING dumber he makes GROSS claim about lynching (watch)

Now, why oh WHY would Biden lash out at a reporter for simply asking THIS simple question? (watch)

SAVAGE thread takes unhinged trans activists pushing ‘gender-affirming-care’ for minors APART


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