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CYA --> Microsoft BACKPEDALS supporting Lefty ad group caught trying to destroy conservative news sites

As Twitchy readers know, a Lefty ad group supported by Microsoft was (is) actively targeting right-leaning media sites in an effort to defund and de-platform them. THE CONSPIRACY THEORISTS WERE RIGHT AGAIN.


*adjusts tinfoil hat, ties bow on top*

Welp, sounds like Microsoft has ‘suspended’ its relationship with GDI and is launching an internal reveiw.

Because you know, they TOTALLY had no idea and stuff.


As the managing editor for just one of the sites these a-holes targeted? CALLING SO MUCH HORSE SH*T.

What a bunch of lying liars.

From the Washington Examiner:

The Microsoft-owned Xandr, an advertising company, has abided by a blacklist of conservative websites secretly compiled by the Global Disinformation Index, an organization that intends to “defund” and shut down disfavored speech. In the wake of the Washington Examiner‘s reporting, Microsoft has launched a review of its relationship with GDI and has suspended usage of the group’s services.

Xandr subscribed prior to GDI’s exclusion list, which is said to include at least 2,000 websites, according to public documents. Microsoft’s backpedaling comes after the Washington Examiner revealed on Friday how Xandr has blocked conservative websites from receiving key ad dollars and labeled them as “false/misleading,” “hate speech,” or “reprehensible/offensive.”


Hate speech.



Sorry, Microsoft, this doesn’t just go away.

Too little, too late.

Yup. And when you’re a bunch of liars there’s nothing more damaging or dangerous than TRUTH.



We knew it was going on (clearly), but we didn’t know HOW BAD it really was.

They. Targeted. US. Twitchy!


Yup again.

It is so on.



Miranda Devine uses Turkey/Syria earthquake to EXPOSE climate change grifters/liars in 1 brutal tweet

Chinese state media claims a UFO is over THEIR country too (no, really!) but ain’t NOBODY buyin’ it

Microsoft-owned ad group blacklists conservative media INCLUDING Twitchy – wants to shut us all down


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