It’s hard not to notice how western media has not exactly done a whole lot of reporting on the devastating earthquake in Turkey/Syria where the death toll is expected to hit 22k. You’d think this would be huge news …

Miranda Devine explains why it’s not, blasts the media, and takes climate change crisis grifters/liars/actors/fakers/frauds etc. apart in one perfectly brutal tweet.


So much boom.

Yup, we noticed our climate crisis pals were awfully quiet as well.

There’s a reason. Obviously.

Ummm … what? Maybe if this earthquake happened in Ukraine?

Ding ding freakin’ ding.

There ya’ go. Hey, it’s as believable as taxing the crap out of Americans because that will somehow magically STOP climate change.


This. ^

Unless it can be used for political gain …

So awful.

They only care when the deaths are beneficial for their narrative or the Democrat’s agenda. If this had been a hurricane or some other ‘weather’ event we’d have nothing but John Kerry and Al Gore being interviewed by CNN blaming gas stoves 24/7 for the next week. With a dash of somehow blaming Trump and his ‘white supremacist nationalist supporters.

Sounds cynical, we know.

But it’s true.



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