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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a Chinese spy balloon and LOL there's something written on the side

Can’t help but wonder if Eric Swalwell will RT another one of Carpe Donktum’s tweets mocking TF out of him without realizing it. THAT was totally Twitchy gold, you guys. Eric is consistently one of our favorite follows and features mainly because he never stops stepping on his own … foot.


Yeah. His foot. That’s it.

Carpe Donktum is having too much fun – seems he is seeing something written on the side of the giant Chinese spy balloon flying over our country that Biden won’t do anything about.


We can’t quite see it.

LUCKILY plenty of tweeps on Twitter could make it out.



Isn’t that sweet?!

Adorbs even.

Possible although if it’s from China it probably reads more like, ‘THANKS, Brandon.’

Would you look at that?

Just like a Hallmark movie.


Seems like a lot of copy for the balloon but possible.

Annnd now we’re dead.




And THERE it is.



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Eric Swalwell retweets Carpe Donktum’s redo of his ranty House floor Ilhan Omar speech and LOL (watch)


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