Carpe Donktum is back!

We here at Twitchy knew we missed him in our feeds and timelines but we had no idea HOW MUCH until we saw this. Now, at first it just looks like his usual work with making videos something much funnier than they originally were. Don’t get us wrong, Swalwell babbling about anti-Semtism and whining about the GOP was pretty damn funny (the guy is a walking, talking lawn flamingo) BUT, Carpe’s take is of course even more hilarious.


Awesome, right?

Totally hilarious?

Oh dear reader, it gets even better …

See, Eric Swalwell is so full of himself, and such a dingleberry that he saw this tweet from Carpe and RETWEETED IT. Didn’t think to look at it or listen to it, didn’t think to look up who Carpe Donktum is. Nope, just retweeted it.


These are the moments that make Twitter fun.

They are few and far between these days so when they do happen … it is freakin’ sweet.


He didn’t even LISTEN TO IT.

Otherwise, he’d have heard the fart noises behind it.

And of course, there’s the tweet. You’d think Swalwell would have learned his lesson about putting up tweets and signs but … nope.

Oh man.

Too funny.

A quick glance at his timeline shows he has taken it down … but it was too late.

Far too late.



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