After AOC made a fool of herself on the House floor PREACHING about Ilhan Omar losing her committee seat as she has proven herself questionable when it comes to national security (and is a big ol’ anti-Semite, just sayin’), she went on CNN to continue making a fool of herself.

Whoever is coaching her on how to give interviews or speeches should be fired.


Remember folks, she wasn’t even THERE that day.

But you know, she’s got a part to play so she’s going to play it.

This though, when she explains why Eric Swalwell was kicked off?


Watch again:

Umm … what?

That’s hilarious.

Oh, and it sounds like Marjorie Taylor Greene is done playing with the Socialist Democrat darling.

AOC tried to fire back buuuuut … eh.

And then MTG ended it:

Yup, that’ll leave a mark.



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