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Miranda Devine makes Biden's classified docs look even SHADIER in damning thread (hint, HUNTER)

So are they getting ready to remove Biden? *adjusts tinfoil* Especially since the Botox-filled puppet has said he intends to run again in 24? Certainly seems like convenient timing to this editor.


Just sayin’.

Miranda Devine put a short thread together about Biden’s classified docs and put them in context with Hunter’s laptop … and yeah, yikes.

Take a gander:

Jill, Jim … Patrick Ho.

What a tangled web the Bidens have spent DECADES weaving.

But you know, it was Trump who was supposedly selling classified docs to Russia or something. Holy crap the media and by association our federal government are back-ass-wards and stupid. Or evil. Corrupt?

All of the above.

We know, Democrats and the Left always accuse others of what they’re doing but as Sleepy Joe himself has said, ‘C’mon man!’


And these agencies knew it was lethal to them as well.

The part they played … all of it.

Excellent question. What needed to be found and hidden? Destroyed? Removed?

Wondering if we’ll learn more with upcoming drops of the Twitter Files? Will Democrats ‘release’ the info to remove him themselves?

Something is definitely very WRONG with all of this.

We sure as shiznit hope so.



Certainly sounds familiar.

Sadly, no, we can’t.

Even more sadly, we’re not holding our breath for this to happen.

Something like that.



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