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Bad Lip Reading sheds light on what Kevin McCarthy and Matt Gaetz REALLY said on the floor (watch)

It was difficult for everyone to see what was actually being said on the floor during those last Speaker votes … clearly there were some heated words considering we almost saw an altercation actually take place between Gaetz and Rogers.


But this is what they were really saying.

Ok, not really, it’s just bad lip reading but LOL, this is pretty damn spectacular.


McCarthy has a lovely singing voice … just sayin’.

He’s not exactly singing but, ‘You’re like people in the 12th century’ sounds pretty lyrical.

And a tiger? Plus an organ?


Bad Lip Reading has done these bits for both Democrats and Republicans.

We will say this … we’re seeing people on both sides of the aisle laughing.


It’s so very rare, so well-played, Bad Lip Reading.

See what we mean?

We spend a lot of time being angry or worried or scared or tired so why not spend just a few moments laughing? Just a few.



Jimmy Fallon sings COVID song causing Taylor Lorenz and other Branch COVIDIANS to melt down (watch)

Adam Schiff-For-Brains sure sounds nervous about McCarthy and new House rules (gosh, wonder why)

BOMBSHELL thread of emails from Biden WH pushing Big Tech to silence conservatives DAMNING must read


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