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Thread about well-funded coalition working to bring trans-movement to S. Dakota a DISTURBING must-read

Ultimately, they want to take down red America – duh.

This thread from Nate Hochman is very long, very disturbing, and a total must-read. Yeah, we know, the words ‘MUST-READ-thread’ can sound sorta clickbaity but this time around, it’s just us being honest. It’s easy to take a red state for granted because in a red state you can typically make some general assumptions, especially a red state like South Dakota.


Except folks, that’s not always the case.

Grab a snack, get comfy, and take a gander at this:


In South Dakota.

Keep going.


This is especially poignant as we watch the House GOP fight amongst itself over the Speaker; we are being reminded in real-time that not all Republicans are conservatives and vice versa.



Convenient, eh?

Sandford employees currently serve as Republicans in the legislature.

Read. That. Again.

Just so happens … what a coincidence.

Children as young as 8.



In supposedly very red South Dakota.

Follow the money.


This reads like a John Grisham novel.


Ya’ don’t say.

Well well well, why would they EVER have done that?!

Are you kidding us?!!?!?


We got nothin’.

WTF is going on here?


And yet so much of what we’re reading here sounds like it could be happening in California, not South Dakota.

Kristi Noem has some ‘splainin’ to do.



Colorado blue-check doc tweets DAMNING thread about COVID policies and how they made hospitals WORSE

Tucker Carlson gets BRUTALLY honest about Dan Crenshaw and he just can’t DEEEAL (watch)

Adam Kinzinger couldn’t’ve come up with a more trollable tweet about joining CNN if he TRIED and LOL



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