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Mean girl AOC called OUT for bringing in the New Year by trashing and smearing Elise Stefanik

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez MIGHT have had a point about Elise Stefanik blaming HER for her own behavior and decisions if she hadn’t gone down the typical NEO-NAZI WHITE SUPREMACIST REEE road. Stefanik is responsible for herself.


That being said, Stefanik is not a neo-Nazi or a white supremacist.

People who use this argument are just lazy or ignorant.

Or both, in AOC’s case.

Her response to ‘The Invention of Elise Stefanik’ and the mention of her in the article is PURE Sandy.

Take a look:


Descent into embracing neo-Nazism? Where has she done that? And c’mon, AOC has been in office for some time now, she could at least stop tweeting like she’s still some bartender, doncha think?

As you have likely already surmised (oooh, another big word for 2023), this did not go over well for the Democratic Socialist Sweetheart.

Yeah, we’re not seeing her explain this claim, like, at all.


AOC and her ilk.

That works.

Sadly, the word Nazi has become the new racist. Under Obama, anytime anyone disagreed with Obama it was because they were racist. Since the Left completely took any and all meaning away from that word, they’ve moved on to Nazi.

It’s sad, really.

What’s next? Yeah, we don’t really want to know.

AOC is queen of the trolls. Sorry, not sorry.

C’mon now, resolutions should be things people are capable of … AOC is incapable of being more intelligent. Then again, the tweet does say TRY so maybe?


Doing her job?

Crazy talk.



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