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Here's the Trump tweet Jim Baker suggested was a violation of Twitter's COVID-19 policy (eye roll)

As Twitchy readers know, another #TwitterFiles dropped this morning, this one on what Twitter did to control the COVID debate. And of course, they were controlling it on the behalf of the government and public health … like Fauci.


No debate allowed.

No differing opinions were allowed.

Just the pre-approved messaging that was quite literally terrifying the masses and ultimately making them easier to control. Oh, were we not supposed to say that part out loud? About controlling everyone? Oopsie, our bad. Guess we’ll just have to wait for someone to ‘handle’ us, right? That’s how this works now, yes? For example, Jim Baker (one of the main characters of these Twitter files) questioned if Trump’s tweet telling people not to be afraid of COVID was against their COVID policy.

They didn’t want anyone to be relieved or feel like it was going to be ok.

Wonder why that was?

Just kidding, we know exactly why that was.

In case you were wondering just how warped and backward this all was.

And we know, Taibbi has said time and time again this is not about Right versus Left, the issue though is it’s always Twitter or the government taking action to benefit the Left. We’ve seen a couple of instances where the Trump campaign was given some ability to contact Twitter (like in the very earliest Twitter Files) but 99% of what we’re seeing was against Trump.


Against the Right.

*adjusts tinfoil*

Yes, yes they did.

Scared people are easier to control.

They are pieces of something.




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