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Catturd™ owns Michael Cohen and his bizarre 'they've got him THIS time' Trump rant in 1 perfect tweet

Umm … didn’t Michael Cohen go to jail? lol

We get it, since he decided he’s anti-Trump the Left suddenly loves and respects him, and he’s using that love and respect to milk them out of money to buy his book, so he has to keep posting things to get their attention but still.



Diaper Donald? What is this guy? 12?


He looks like he’s being held hostage somewhere, right?

It’s just so weird.

And he’s just so bizarrely angry.

Catturd™ (Twitter’s future CEO? jk!) chimed in and reminded Cohen exactly who he is and … ouch.

Told you.


That’s gotta really sting coming from an account named after a cat’s BM.


Without Trump, so MANY of these people would be unknown. A nobody. Zero relevance. It has to be really humiliating to know that without the guy you really hate, you don’t matter.


Hence, the Left loves him.




Hillary Clinton dragged SO MUCH for embarrassing tweet lacking all self-awareness she blocks replies

Glenn Greenwald’s two-tweet swipe at ‘heroic, noble’ Liz Cheney is straight-FIRE and LOL

Matt Taibbi DROPS shady AF Ted Lieu for trying to keep people from reading #TwitterFiles


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