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Just when we think the FBI can't look ANY worse, Matt Taibbi drops #TwitterFiles Supplemental

Matt Taibbi was good enough to drop a #TwitterFiles Supplemental on Sunday evening … and after everything we’ve read over the past couple of weeks, this just fits right in. What the absolute EFF is going on with the FBI?


Take a gander:

Alrighty then.

Wait, so the FBI wasn’t happy when Twitter responded that they weren’t seeing as much recent activity from official propaganda actors on their platform. Gosh, you’d think they’d be glad to hear that.

It’s almost as if the FBI WANTED there to be a problem.


Weird, right?

This is all so weird.

Yeah, you know something was weird when even Yoel’s radar was going off.




Almost as if they were like, FIND SOMETHING.

Again, weird.

Ok, so we’ve use the word ‘weird’ like five times so you KNOW things are weird here.


And Billy Baldwin.


The plot, as they say, thickens.



Elon Musk’s Twitter poll results about whether he should step down or not are in …

Lefty Twitter in a PANIC after lawn flamingo and ‘influencer’ @JoJoFromJerz’s account ‘taken hostage’

Adam Schiff trying to white knight for suspended journos who stalked Elon Musk’s toddler goes SO wrong


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