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Elon Musk tweets bunny emoji and PhD LOSES IT, babbles about his PLOT to follow QAnon and OMG-ROFL

So, Elon Musk tweeted this out …

And Twitter exploded. Not literally, of course, but figuratively … especially for anyone with the word BUNNY in their Twitter handle but we digress.



Clearly, Musk was talking about some rabbit in relation to learning the truth as white rabbits have been known to go down the rabbit hole. Matrix, Alice in Wonderland, etc. which honestly makes sense if you’ve been paying attention at all to the various ‘Twitter Files’ that have been dropping.


Ok, so you knew this was coming … apparently, Caroline Orr Bueno, PhD (a behavioral scientist?) thought Musk’s bunny emoji was some nefarious, evil, plot to direct his hundreds of millions of followers to follow QAnon aka a DOMESTIC TERRORISM MOVEMENT.

No, seriously.

A bunny emoji?! NO NO, NOT THAT! WHO KNEW that cute little emoji could be so EVIL?!

She continued.




This made things even FUNNIER.

We got nothin’.

True story.

Musk followed up:


Wow, Python is ‘sensitive content?’ GTFO.

Pretty spectacularly BAD.


WHOA WHOA WHOA now … going a little bit too far now, Elon.

Yeah, dammit.



Knew it.




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