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Noam Blum takes #TwitterFiles deniers claiming it's all just a MAGA conspiracy APART in brutal thread

It’s been adorable watching our pals on the Left and in Never Trump (same difference) do their best to pretend that what we’re learning about the ‘behind the curtain’ Twitter stuff is just TOTALLY normal and things we all knew all along. The ones pointing to TOS pretending Twitter told everyone what they were doing are some of our faves … and by faves we mean the most annoying people to point and laugh at.

Sure, their TOS said they would limit reach for ABUSIVE accounts.

They never said simply being Right-wing was considered ABUSIVE.

Noam Blum put together a really good thread on just this topic and took these ‘deniers’ apart:


THAT’S the big deal.

THAT’S the revelation.

And they all know it, they just can’t accept it because if that’s the truth, they’re not nearly as popular and their ideas aren’t quite as accepted as they thought before. Now that they can see ‘the little people’ they don’t know what to do with themselves. So many meltdowns, so many fits.

We’re losing count of the number of people who have said THEY’RE LEAVING only to stay put so they can continue to b*tch and moan about Elon Musk.

While it clearly was.

Truth shouldn’t just be a MAGA thing, ya’ turnips.

And full transparency, we snort-laughed thinking about these very people being worried about losing their coveted spot on Joy Reid by admitting that we’re learning about pre-Musk Twitter is totally effed up.

Interesting how they are always front and center to defend and excuse something that could hurt their political ideals.

Looking at you, Never Trump.

What he said.

Except we think it’s more like 10 of their 18 cats.

Deal with it, this is not about Trump, or MAGA, or even the Right-wing. This is about a Tech Giant manipulating the narrative to push a certain political agenda for YEARS AND YEARS while straight-up lying to everyone. This is WRONG, and regardless of your political persuasion, it should be called out.

Sorry, not sorry.



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