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DAMNING thread takes former head of Twitter Trust & Safety Yoel Roth APART tweet by tweet

After reading this thread from David Decosimo, we can’t help but agree with him when he wrote that it is absolutely and utterly insane that Yoel Roth held the role he did. We knew there were some bad things going on behind the scenes at Twitter, from shadow banning to locking, to flat-out suppressing content, but we couldn’t have known how poisonous the entire group was before Elon Musk bought the giant.


And pulled back the curtain.

Take a gander at this:

Ruh-roh. This doesn’t sound good for the former head of Trust and Safety at Twitter.


Trust and Safety … RIIIIIIGHT.

For whom, exactly? Crazy, frothy-mouthed Leftists because he sure as snot didn’t do much to help secure the safety or trust for people on the Right. Maybe it was his tweets trashing conservative women or perhaps it was the tweet about racist fly-over country, but gosh golly gee, it sure looks like the guy Twitter used to trust for all of this had an agenda to push.

This thread, wowza.

Grindr. Seriously?

Holy cow.


This guy seems surprised.

Seeing what a shiznit show Twitter was before Musk, we’re not.

Probably got in with the right people. Vijaya Gadde? She seems to have her hands in all of this.


That’s one word for it.

Alrighty then.

This was the guy shutting people down for wrong-think on Twitter, making decisions about who was and wasn’t heard.


Also based on a bias and agenda, especially at pre-Musk Twitter.

We’ve gotta say … post-Musk Twitter is way better.



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