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The Bulwark scolding 'MAGA activists' for 'getting riled up' over Elon Musk's #TwitterFiles BACKFIRES

It’s interesting watching our ‘betters’ try and pretend what Elon Musk released in the #TwitterFiles is not a big deal and that anyone who is concerned by what we learned is some crazy MEGA CONSPIRACY THEORIST because that tells us it is absolutely a big deal. The harder they try and bury this, the crazier they try and make us all look, the worse it looks for Biden.


And by default, any a-hole who worked to get him elected.

Like Bill Kristol.

Note, Kristol didn’t write this garbage but he thought enough of it to share it.

It’s cute how they think only ‘MAGA’ people were riled up by what Musk dropped. Adorable even.

Is this squirming? Because you know, it looks like squirming to us.

Look HERE, not there.

Sorry, Bill (and by default, Tim), but anyone who is ok with suppressing the news for the political gain of either party needs to seriously examine what it is they stand for and believe.

Bulwark readers like to pretend they’re ‘intellects’ when in reality they’re just being conned.

The hackiest hack of them all.


This does feel a little bit like squirming.

We’re seeing a lot of that this morning as the mainstream media tries to pretend this was a nothing burger and the Left-wing ‘leaders’ are shaming anyone who does understand what a big deal all of this is.

They know we’re onto them, so they’re going to do anything and everything they can to change the narrative.

Don’t let them.

Lucky for Bill, he figured out that stupid people on the Left will pay for this utter garbage.


They also know they played a huge part in silencing this story back in 2020 as well.

So very lost.



But if it’s true, it’s true …

Oh yeah, and then there’s this:

Don’t let any of them forget.



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