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Even Twitter is pointing and laughing at Adam Kinzinger for scolding Elon Musk over Pepe the Frog

Wow, Adam Kinzinger must really like making a fool of himself. Or at least that’s what it looks like with the last few days (weeks, months) of him tweeting really stupid stuff that ultimately gets him dragged for our amusement.


We should probably send this guy a thank you card and some cookies for all of the Twitchy fodder.

Ok, so as our readers know, Adam tried really hard to make Elon Musk out to be anti-Semitic for sharing a meme of Pepe the Frog. He really thought this was a dunk:

Except … that’s not true, Adam.

Even the ADL says so.


This is what Twitter put on Adam’s tweet:


What a maroon.



They live for this sort of embarrassment at one’s own expense.

And OMG you guys, the number of Pepe memes on his tweet … HA HA HA HA.



Seriously. He could have saved himself a BUNCH of embarrassment if he had just bothered to Google this … even a little. But we all know Adam was so determined to slam Elon Musk that he didn’t care. That or he’s just really that dense.

Hrm, he does tend to pander to the very people who have gerrymandered him out of a job so maybe we should just go with dense.

That works.

Good times.



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