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WaPo (Taylor Lorenz) accusing Elon Musk of 'opening gates of Hell' reinstating accounts goes SO wrong

Awww, Taylor Lorenz … she’s said this before. Right after Elon Musk bought Twitter she babbled about the gates of Hell opening up.

She is a melodramatic little creature, ain’t she?


Seems the bloated troll is worried about Musk granting ‘amnesty’ to thousands of accounts that were suspended for ridiculous reasons like using the word ‘pansy’ or telling someone to ‘knock themselves out.’ See, Lorenz can only be comfortable on the tech giant if she doesn’t have to read anything from anyone she disagrees with. We imagine everything looks like a threat when you’re a small-minded mean girl but we digress.

It’s cute how she wrote this for WaPo like that makes it any less annoying or obvious that it’s her.

From WaPo:

Many predict the restoration of banned accounts will help bring on the “free-for-all hellscape” that Musk had promised advertisers would not come to pass shortly after he took possession of the platform.

“This would be a major disaster especially in Africa where State sponsored Ghost accounts were suspended for endangering human rights activists & journalists,” Hopewell Chin’ono, a journalist in Africa tweeted. “You would have allowed vile people to put our lives in danger as journalists! You will have blood on your hands @elonmusk.”


Holy crap, sorry but she is such a dramaqueen. You know she only got quotes from friends and ‘experts’ she calls friends. What a joke.


Lorenz dislikes free speech because the truth hurts.

Sorry, not sorry.

Ya know if she hates what Musk is doing so much she could just go form her own platform. We hear Mastodon is a huge mess, she’ll fit right in there.

But then where would people be able to see Lorenz whining about Twitter 24/7?



Right there.


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