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Seth Dillon takes Daily Beast writer APART for accusing him of anti-Semitism over joke tweet and DAMN

It almost feels like the Left is running out of nasty things to accuse the Right of ‘being’. We spent years watching them call us all racists when we didn’t agree with Obama, we’ve also spent years being called fascists because they hate Trump …


And now they’re accusing people like Seth Dillon of The Babylon Bee of being anti-Semitic when they’re not even tweeting about Jews.

No, seriously.

Seems Elad Nehorai thought it made sense to accuse Dillon of being anti-Semitic for tweeting about writing a joke. Dillon was none too happy with this accusation and really, who could blame him?

We got nothin’.

What do you expect from a Daily Beast writer?

Not a lot.

And yes, this was a nasty smear.



Oh, and Elad did respond:


The pretzel he just twisted himself into to make this connection … woof.

Maybe just apologize? Crazy, we know.



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