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Elon Musk DROPS ADL CEO for 'defaming' him over reinstating Trump's Twitter account and DAMN son

ADL reminds us nobody is more hateful than ‘anti-hate’ activists.

Weeks ago, when Elon Musk met with a group of people that included ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt, many people who thought he was going to really allow free speech on Twitter started to worry that we’d see more of the same ol’-same ol’. Many people told Musk this was not a great idea …


And after Trump’s Twitter account was reinstated, Greenblatt did exactly what many of us figured he would from the very beginning.

He played the hate card, with Musk.

Musk wasn’t about to just take that lying down.

He fired back …

Let’s be honest, it appears that is exactly what Greenblatt was doing.


And aren’t these woke activists supposed to care about democracy and stuff?

Juuuust sayin’.

And they think they’re the good guys.


Call your lawyers.

Hey, if they want to play that game that makes sense.

There are always alternatives.

What Coleman said.

Sad but true.

Yup. That’s what our pals on the Left yelled at the Right when we were all getting suspended for saying the name of a freakin’ flower.


That they do.


We love this tweet.

Oh, and this one.

Nobody needs hate, racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, and FASCISM more than the Left. It’s all they’ve got so of course they keep trying to find ways to bring it up and paint anyone and everyone they disagree with as one of those ists or isms.

This is gonna be FUN.



Here are some of the most hilarious Lefty ARGLE-BARGLE-RARs over Trump’s reinstated Twitter account

OWNED! Dan Rather’s lame ‘old saying’ swipe at Elon Musk couldn’t have backfired MORE spectacularly

Xaviaer DuRousseau who became a conservative after 23 years as a liberal DECIMATES the Left in 1 tweet


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