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Elon Musk's condition for giving Kathy Griffin her account back TRIGGERS her on her dead mom's account

As Twitchy readers know, Kathy Griffin effed around and found out by impersonating Elon Musk. Oh, she wasn’t the only one (Sarah Silverman and Valerie Bertinelli were both doing it as well but ran when Elon said people would get suspended for impersonating others on verified accounts), but she did it the longest.


So, she got suspended.

And there was much rejoicing.

Elon chimed in …


So we’re thinking Elon isn’t feeling a whole lot of remorse about suspending Ms. Griffin. But he did say she can have her account back:


AAAAANNNNND now we’re dead.


Oh, it gets better.


Kathy Griffin is so addicted to Twitter that she’s now using her deceased mother’s Twitter account to complain about being treated like anyone else who breaks TOS. How DARE she be expected to adhere to the rules like the unverified plebs!

And to prove she still hasn’t figured out that he doesn’t think she’s special, she raged at him and admitted it was her USING her dead mother’s account.



Yeah, Kathy, we all know you’re putting your dead mother’s account at risk just so you can argue and beg for attention on Twitter.

Seems … oddly disrespectful.

Ya’ know, karma is only a nasty b-word when you are first.


Just when we thought she couldn’t sink any lower.




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