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Stacey Abrams claims her poll numbers are low because Black men are too stupid to support her

Stacey Abrams is a dumpster fire of a train wreck. Sorry, that’s an insult to dumpster fires of train wrecks all across this country. The woman is just a mess.


We know you know from the last time she tried to run for governor, but this time is even worse. When asked why her poll numbers weren’t better, she blamed Black men and implied there were too stupid to know they should support her or something.

No, really, watch this:

Black men are a target … of whom? Republicans? Kemp? Is she really saying they’re too stupid to know information from misinformation?

You know the face you make when you’re not sure if the milk is still good in the fridge?

Yeah, just made that face.


Only 82%. That might sound like a lot but compared to other years?

Yeah … not great for her.

So you know, she’s blaming Black men.

It’s jobs.

Gosh, that’s shocking. Americans care more about feeding their families and putting gas in their tanks than they do MUH DEMOCRACY, equity, and abortion.

Crazy talk.

Dear Stacey,

It’s the economy, dummy.




Yup, that’s what it sounds like to us.

Basically yes, that’s what she’s saying.

Seems like a total winning strategy. Totally.



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