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Megyn Kelly has some SERIOUSLY bad news for Democrats (good for us!) about white suburban women

With only a week left, the generic Congressional ballot poll via the Wall Street Journal favors Republicans by two. When this poll was last taken in August, it favored Democrats by 3 – math tells us Dems have lost five points.


Or we’ve gained them?

Psh, math is hard and some people even think it’s racist, so there.

Oh wait, it gets better.

Remember when white suburban women supposedly were the ones who elected Biden?

Yeah … about that.

Seems white suburban women get a little pissed off when you take school from their kids. We saw it firsthand here in Virginia when Glenn Youngkin whooped Terry McAuliffe. Granted, McAuliffe was a has-been Clintonite who faked barbecuing burgers to connect with us Virginia rednecks but still … pretending parents aren’t the ones changing the country is short-sighted at best.

It stopped being Right versus Left and started being about Parents when Democrats decided it was politically convenient to bend the knee to the unions and shut schools down, then masking kids endlessly.

Megyn Kelly said it best:


Democrats claim women will be voting for THEM because of abortion but yeah … no. Women who used to vote for them will be voting another way after what they pulled with COVID.

And they’re going to hear from them, loud and clear.




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