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Paul Pelosi's attacker reportedly former Castro nudist and hemp jewelry maker David Depape

Much to the media’s dismay, it doesn’t sound like the attack on Paul Pelosi was carried about by some evil TRUMP SUPPORTER yelling SAN FRANCISCO IS MAGA COUNTRY!


This is San Francisco, people.

Sort of like Chicago?


From Heavy.com:

David Depape was identified as the suspect accused of attacking Paul Pelosi, the husband of Nancy Pelosi, with a hammer in the couple’s home.

The name was first reported by Demian Bulwa, news director for the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. Police have now confirmed the suspect’s name. David Depape is a Berkeley resident. Heavy will add a suspect photo to this story when one is obtained. What is Depape’s politics and was he on social media? On a blog and website, he was fixated on censorship and made anti-Semitic comments. Online records give Depape’s age as 42.


Joe Eskenazi, of Mission Local, tweeted, “My sources also name the suspect in this morning’s hammer attack on Paul Pelosi as David DePape, born 1980, of Berkeley. He would appear to be a former Castro nudist protester. Things appear set to be bizarre for a while.”

A 2013 article in the San Francisco Chronicle mentions Depape, although his name is spelled wrong. It describes him as a “hemp jewelry maker.” That article reported that Depape was the best man at the naked wedding of Gypsy Taub.


And a hemp jewelry maker.

Huh again.

Castro nudist protester with a history of making hemp jewelry and attending gay weddings.

Alrighty then.

C’mon, if this was politically convenient to the Left and the attacker was in any way tied to the Right it would have already been news. The fact it’s some nudist Castro guy with an affinity for hemp doesn’t exactly fit the bill. That doesn’t mean they won’t push it though.

Ummm … if that’s him, yikes.

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

Unless that’s referring to the area known as the Castro which is pretty … eccentric?



We knew it.



Editor’s note: We removed the ‘doesn’t sound like MAGA’ piece from the headline even though it’s pretty clear this nudist from the Castro was just out of his gourd and not a Trump supporter. Will update as we learn more. -sj



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