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Gonna leave a MARK! Steven Crowder makes Liz Cheney look like a straight-up LIAR taking her J6 statements apart point by point (watch)

Liz Cheney had to get out there in front of the masses at least one more time to preen on and on about her respect for the law and fight against Donald Trump … blah blah blah. Oh, and calling for Trump to be subpoenaed and then asking for a record vote, how very melodramatic. Hey, it impressed the braindead lemmings on the Left who still hold out hope that THEY’LL GET HIM THIS TIME and the WALLS ARE CLOSING IN but the rest of us are just sort of pointing and laughing.


C’mon, Liz.

Even if Trump does appear before the committee, he’ll just make you all look like a bunch of morons. It would be a circus of epic proportions.

Hrm, maybe he should testify.


Steven Crowder did an exceptional job of taking Liz and her BS apart – watch:

Liz had this coming, and so much more.

And we don’t know about you guys but her voice is as annoying as Nancy Pelosi’s at this point. To their point, did she even watch Trump’s speech because listening to her, it doesn’t sound like it. Or she doesn’t think people remember what he actually said.


We made a similar face.

*cough cough*

The View.


We could totally see that.


Ain’t that the truth?



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