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Clean up, aisle STUPID –> Eric Swalwell's attempt to own the cons over 'anti-Semitism' BACKFIRES perfectly on Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

Full disclosure, we expect to write several articles about Democrats screeching about what Kanye West said about Def Con 3 and the Jews while being absolutely complicit when it comes to the horrible things said by their own colleagues like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. We hate to break it to people like Eric Swalwell, but the Left really does have the market cornered on anti-Semitism, regardless of what Kanye West tweeted.


Eric couldn’t wait to jump in line to take another turn at the nard-punching machine:

Ugh, would someone close to Eric please tell him the ‘own the libs’ thing is sort of a joke now? We use it to promote our VIP mainly because we know lawn flamingos like Eric get so worked up about it when they see it. And c’mon man, nobody owns anti-Semitism like the Left.

Silly head.

No, no he hasn’t.

Numbers just seem to confuse the guy. Maybe draw him a picture or two?

Classy as ever.


This. ^


We prefer Sparky BUUUUUT Skippy works.

His comments don’t hold up in the here and now either.


It’s a gift with him.

Good point. He did retweet himself to talk smack …


This will never NOT be funny.

We’ve been asking ourselves this very question for YEARS.

Eric, dude, you make our job too easy.



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